COVID-19 Pooled Testing Kit

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Read First: Important announcement about product availability

About the Kit

The COVID-19 Pooled Testing Kit by CIC Health includes everything you need for simple, proven, and fast pooled PCR COVID-19 testing. Routine organization pooled testing creates places for employees, and many others, to feel confident when returning to in-person work spaces and environments.

Each kit includes one (1) free next day air return shipping pouch to send the collected samples to the lab for processing** 

  • Takes no longer than one minute to conduct each test
  • Participants conduct the test themselves by rotating swab against nasal wall at least 3 times per nostril
  • Pools of up to 10 samples are collected and processed together in one (1) single tube

What to Know Before Making a Purchase

Before getting started with your order, determine how many people in your group (pool) will be participating in the Pooled PCR COVID-19 Testing Kit. Please use our complimentary “Kit Calculator” to easily determine how many kits and tubes you will need to properly conduct your Pooled PCR COVID-19 Testing Kit.

Each kit costs $119 and comes with one (1) collection tube. Each additional collection tube for your kit can be purchased for $89.

Examples of Common Ordering Scenarios

  • Example 1: If you are testing 5 people once, order: Kit with 1 Tube (Quantity: 1).
  • Example 2: If your are testing 25 people twice, order: Kit with 3 Tubes (Quantity: 2).
  • Example 3: If you are testing 65 people twice, order: Kit with 5 Tubes (Quantity: 2) and Kit with 3 Tubes (Quantity: 2). 

Important Shipping & Processing Information

  • Free Ground Shipping 
  • *Orders received before noon eastern time are typically processed and shipped the same day, otherwise they will be processed and shipped the next business day.  Faster shipping options instead of the free ground shipping can be chosen during checkout.  
  • **Collect and mail the test samples Monday through Thursday so the test can be processed properly.
  • Use of test supplies requires agreeing to this consent during the registration process. Returned samples are analyzed by an FDA CLIA Certified Laboratory.
  • All sales are final. Purchases may not be returned or refunded.
  • If you are a business interested in setting up a weekly testing program, download our Testing Program Playbook. It will guide you through the implementation process and provide you with spreadsheet templates to manage your testing program.