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Easy & Economical

How It Works

"CIC Health and their Pooled Covid Test Kit product has been instrumental in keeping our Office First work environment open and safe. The kits have provided an economical and easy to implement method of providing routine safety testing to our fully vaccinated staff, providing peace of mind for our open, collaborative work space."

Gupta Media

"Our company started testing to stay safe as we came back to the office. Turns out this workplace safety measure is also a benefit for our employees - everyone is more at ease knowing they don't have COVID in the contexts of their personal lives, too."

IGS Boston

"The CIC Health Pooled Test is simple. I register the tubes, people self-collect their samples, and we get the results back the next day."


"Working with CIC to do pooled testing for our small co-op nursery school has been a pleasure. In a crazy pandemic-filled school year with a great deal of unknown, weekly pooled testing with CIC Health brought our families and teachers peace of mind..."


"We used CIC pooled tests to travel out of state to visit family in a cost efficient and convenient manner. Without CIC Health pooled tests our kids wouldn’t have been able to visit their grandparents frequently and safely during the pandemic."


Testing, testing...

After placing your order, you’ll receive your kit(s) in the mail. On testing day (Monday-Thursday only), follow the instructions for sample collection and ship back to the lab using your prepaid UPS label. Once the samples reach the lab, you'll get results by email in 24 hours on average.


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Features Standard Pool Test Auto Pool Test
Results in 24hrs, on average, after receipt at the lab
Compliant with OSHA testing rules
Includes pre-paid return shipping label
FDA Emergency Use Authorized
Test 2 to 100 of people per testing event
Individuals register their own samples (less testing admin effort) X
Testing admin registers each pool X
Testing admin keeps track of who is in each pool and distributes results X
Cambridge, MA sample drop-off for faster results X
Results for positives sent directly to individuals (less testing admin effort) X
Automatic assignment of pools (less testing admin effort) X
Results portal to view results history X
Cost per person tested** $8.90 $22.99

*With proper use and employer supervision
** based on maximum kit volume of tests for up to 100 people and for site-deconvolution test having 10 people in each pool.

How It Works

Our COVID-19 pooled test kits use a lab technology where multiple samples are run simultaneously, saving time and resources. The tests are high-quality PCR COVID-19 tests, include free shipping, and provide results within 24 hours (on average) from receipt at the lab. We offer two versions, Standard Pooled Test and Auto Pooled Test:

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Testing for an office?

If you are a business interested in setting up a weekly testing program, download our
Testing Program Playbook.

Choose the kit that's right for you

Pooled Kit Standard

$8.90 per person tested*
* With 10 tube kit and 100 person group

Buy Now: Pool Kit Standard

Pooled Kit Auto

$25.99 per person tested*
* With 100 person kit

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